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Welcome to the ForeSight Marketing Group
My name is Samuel Bean and my business partner and wife is Kim Bean. We wanted to provide a source that you and your entire team could access for everything from event information, locations, dates, tickets, documents, updates and etc. The ForeSight MG Family is comprised of ethical and morally sound team players. We develop leaders and don\'t maintain followers. We encourage you to plug in to our proven system and learn how to build a fundamentally sound business that can be duplicated by anyone. We\'re always in search for coachable and trainable individuals that can see the big picture and aren\'t afraid of a little sweat equity! We have a culture of servant leadership and personal development and self imposed discipline to apply what is taught immediately! Bottom line, our weakest link is a strong one! Register for May 26-27, 2012 VIP SUPER SATURDAY!! (Never miss an event you Qualify to be at)



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 View powerful 7 minute video on the healthy coffee industry, testimonies and financial opportunity by cutting the URLs below and pasting them in the address bar)

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Compensation Plan

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OG Coffee Script

The OG Coffee Script Was Formulated To Assist You In Launching Your Business Properly. Read, Recite & Repeat.

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OG Presentation

OG Coffee Bean Presentation
This is the presentation that is given at all the 3Kmg Opportunity meetings. You can also print out the slides to create a table top version as well. Go over the comp plan until you get it down in your soul!

What is Ganoderma?

Healthy Coffee – What is Ganoderma?

In Cantonese, “Lingzhi or Reishi”, is the name for one form of the mushroom Ganoderma Lucidum. It enjoys an honourable place in Asia, where it has been used as a medicinal mushroom in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 4,000 years. In China it’s known as the “Miraculous King of Herbs”. The scientific name “Ganoderma” is derived from the Ancient Greek “bright shiny skin”. The word “Lingzhi”, in Chinese, means “herb of spiritual potency” and has also been described as “mushroom of immortality”. Thanks to modern science and cutting edge technology, Organo Gold and our strategic partners have created 100 Percent Certified Organic Ganoderma Lucidum Capsules, Ganoderma Spore Powder, Ganoderma Mycellium Healthy Beverages, Nutrecuticals and Skin Care. And there is even more to come. Organo Gold is dedicated to maximizing the potential of Ganoderma with research, development and an ever expanding line of scientifically developed Ganoderma based products. The processing plant for our Ganoderma based products is manufactured with GMP standards which are the highest in the world. The exclusive breakthrough is the “Advanced Micro-Particle Technology” that is applied to the spore cell wall-breaking scientific process.

This is the foundation that guarantees Organo Gold to be the world leader in 100 Per Cent Certified Ganoderma Lucidum. The home of Ganoderma may be China, but thanks to Organo Gold and our growing team of worldwide distributors its story is now spreading to the rest of the world.